The Metro Approach

Metro Soluions offers only senior level experts, grounded in the financial services industry, to ensure you receive the expertise best suited to your needs. We provide value that generalist contractors and big consulting firms cannot:

  • Exclusive focus on financial services providers
  • Teams with the specific business expertise and background that clients need instead of ones staffed from a bench of junior generalists
  • Seasoned professionals with decades of real-world experience with key financial products, systems, and financial markets infrastructures at major financial institutions. Deep domain expertise in banking, securities and capital markets
  • Team members averaging more than 20 years of business, operations and/or technology experience working with banks, brokers, investment managers, custodians, and hedge funds
  • Alliances with 100 other consultants to supplement the specific targeted knowledge needed for each engagement
  • Practical business, operations, and technology solutions realized by managing change effectively and integrating successfully with existing organizational and technology infrastructures
  • Strong track record of evaluating technology and operations, developing requirements and architectures, streamlining and optimizing operations

Experience Matters