Metro Solutions has worked with firms that span the industry, ranging from local companies to multi-national firms. Our clients have included:

  • Wealth managers, private banks, family offices, advisors
  • Global banks - retail, investment, commercial, corporate
  • Investment and securities firms
  • Brokerages and hedge funds
  • Trust companies
  • Custodians

We work with our clients on both the business and technology sides, often helping to bridge the gap between the two to ensure a project’s success. Some of the services we have provided include:

  • Managing the post-acquisition integration of a bank’s operations and systems
  • Creating an enterprise data model for a global private bank
  • Leading a globally distributed, multicultural technology development team for a client website
  • Leading business analysis and developing data architecture for a hedge fund
  • Designing data architecture for a major Canadian investment bank
  • Integrating new systems for global investment bank operations, including leading testing of functionality and data quality assurance
  • Revising lending process flows to improve controls and timeliness for a private bank
  • Analyzing and implementing regulatory-required changes to business, operations and technology processes
  • Competitive surveys of private banking offerings and capabilities
  • Current state analysis, business and technology requirements development, vendor selection, roadmap for implementation for an asset manager

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